Flow Chart of Enzyme Bleach Wash

Flow Chart of Enzyme Bleach Wash:

Enzyme bleach washed garments looks like too much pretty than enzyme wash garments or bleach wash garments. It is one of the revolutions in garments washing. It has too much demand to the buyers. In the past I have discussed about the flow chart of enzyme wash and process flow chart of bleach wash. Today I will discuss here about the process flow chart of enzyme bleach wash.

Process Sequence of Enzyme Bleach Wash:

Garments loading into machine


Rinse for two times|

Addition of enzyme

Adjusting required PH

Necessary temperature kept for different enzyme

Tumbling for 40-50 minutes

Rinse for two times

Bleach with cold water

Rinsing for two times

Bleach with cold water (Again)

Neutralization of bleach




All the above processes of enzyme bleach wash have discussed in the below table:

SL No.ProcessProcedure
01Garments loading into machineAt the beginning of enzyme bleach wash, required amount of garments or apparel or clothing are loaded into machine here.
02De-sizingIn case of enzyme bleach wash, garments are de-sized here by using de-sized chemical such as biode, anti-back stain etc.
03Rinse for two timesTo remove sized material from the garments perfectly, it’s rinsed for two times.
04Addition of enzymeBy maintaining M: L ratio here required amount of enzyme is added for enzyme bleach wash. Enzyme can be acid enzyme or neutral enzyme.
05Adjusting required PHBy adding CH3COOH, here required PH (4.50-5.00) should be kept for acid enzyme.
06Necessary temperature kept for different enzymeIn case of enzyme bleach wash, required temperature should be maintained here for different enzyme.
07Tumbling for 40-50 minutesAfter maintaining all the above condition, garments should tumble for 40-50 minutes which totally depends on required shade.
08Rinse for two timesAfter achieving required enzyme shade, garments are rinsed here for two times to remove starch from the garments.
09Bleach with cold waterTo achieve better bleaching result, garments should be bleached for two times. By maintaining buyer approved wash reference garments are bleached here by using K.C.I or Japanese bleach for definite time.
10Rinsing for two timesTo remove bleach particles from the garments it should be rinsed for two times.
11Bleach with cold water (Again)Finally bleach is applied in the garments again here to match the garments shade with the approved wash reference.
12Rinsing for two timesAfter achieving the required shade of enzyme’s bleach wash, garments are rinsed here to remove all the bleach particles from the garments.
13Neutralization of bleachHere, enzyme bleaching wash garments is neutralized by using sodium meta-bi sulphite or sodium hypo which is totally depends on garments shade.
14SofteningFor producing soft effect in the garments, softening
chemical (anti ozone softener) is used here for certain period of time.
15HydroAfter completing all the above processes garments are unloaded from the machine and extracted by using hydro extractor.
16DryingFinally enzyme bleaching wash garments are dried here by using gas dryer or steam dryer depending on the shade.

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