Flow Chart of Stone Enzyme Wash

Flow Chart of Stone Enzyme Wash

What is Stone Enzyme Wash?

In garments washing, stone enzyme wash is done by using pumic stone and enzyme chemical. It is one of the revolutionary developments in garments washing. Stone enzyme wash are three types such as stone enzyme wash, medium stone enzyme wash and heavy stoned enzyme wash. Garments or apparel or clothing look like too much pretty after applying stone enzyme wash. As its importance this article has shown the correct process flow chart for stoned enzyme wash.

Process Sequence of Stoned Enzyme Wash:
Process Flow Chart of Medium Stoned Enzyme Wash:
Chronological Process of Heavy Stone Enzyme Wash:

Garments loading into the m/c


Rinsing for two times

Stone loading into the machine

Enzyme chemical added into the m/c

Tumbling for 30-60 minutes

Rinse (two times)


Extracting or hydro


All the above processes have discussed in the below:

SL No.ProcessProcedure
01Garments loading into the m/cAt first, required amount of garments have to load into
the garments washing machine.
02De-sizingIt is the first task of stoned enzyme washing process. Garments are de-sized here by using boide or anti back stain.
03Rinsing for two timesTo remove size material from the garments, it should be rinsed for two times.
04Stone loading into the machineIn this process, required amount of pumic stone should be loaded into the washing machine.
05Enzyme chemical added into the m/cDepending on the buyer’s approved garment wash reference, required amount of acid enzyme or neutral enzyme is added here.
06Tumbling for 30-60 minutesAfter adding all the required materials and chemicals into the machine, garments are tumbled here for 30-60 minutes depending on the approved garment wash reference shade. In case of normal enzyme wash, times needed maximum 20minutes, for medium stoned enzyme wash times needed maximum 30-40 minutes and for heavy stoned enzyme wash times needed more than 40 minutes.
07Rinse (two times)Here, garments have to rinse for two times to remove
starch from the garments perfectly.
08SofteningSoftening chemical (anti ozone softener) is added here for achieving soft effect in the garments.
09Extracting or hydroAfter completing all the above processes, garments are unloaded from the machine here and extracting by using hydro extractor.
10DryingFinally garments are dried here by using gas dryer or steam dryer depending on the garments shade.

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