Process Flow Chart of Bleaching Wash

Process Flow Chart of Bleaching Wash:

In this fashionable era, buyers are seeking more fashionable garments. As a result, garments manufacturers are too much interested on garments wash, which enhance the design and beauty of garments. Bleaching Wash is one of those washing method which creates so much attraction to the buyers. It should mention that, now bleached garments is one of the hot cake to the young generations.

Bleach washed jacket

Bleach washed jacket

Process Flowchart of Bleaching Wash:

Garments loaded into the machine


Rinsing (Two times)

Bleach with cold water

Rinsing (Two times)

Bleach with cold water (Again)





All the above processes of bleaching wash have discussed in the below table:

SL No.ProcessProcedure
01Garments loaded into the machineAt first, required amount of garments are loaded into the machine for bleaching.
02De-sizingIn this process, garments are de-sized by using de-sizing chemicals such as-  Biode, Antiback stain etc.
03Rinsing (Two times)After completing de-sizing process, garments are rinsed for two times to remove de-size chemical from the garments.
04Bleach with cold waterFor achieving perfect bleaching result, bleaching should be done for two times. According to buyers provided wash approval, garments are bleached here by using K.C.I or Japanese bleach with cold water for certain period of times.
05Rinsing (Two times)Garments are rinsed here for two times to remove bleaching particles from the garments.
06Bleach with cold water (Again)In the second stage of bleaching, garments are bleached here for certain period of times by using the bleaching chemical which used in the first stage of bleaching. After matching garments shade with buyer’s approval shade, garments are rinsed for two times to remove bleaching chemicals.
07NeutralizationIn this stage, garments are neutralized by using sodium meta-bi-sulphite or Sodium hypo depending on the garments current shade.
08SofteningSoftening chemicals (Anti ozone softener) is used here for producing soft effect on the garments.
09HydroAfter completing softening process garments are unloaded from the machine and extracted by hydro extractor.
10DryingHere garments are dried by using gas dryer or steam dryer which depends on the shade.

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