Process Flow Chart of Crystal Wash

Process Flow Chart of Crystal Wash

What is Crystal Wash?

Crystal wash is a newly developed technology in laundering industry. In crystal washing method, bio ceramics are used as the power which cleans the garments effectively as laundry detergent chemicals. Crystal washed garment is better for skin and environment friendly.

Crystal Washed Garment

Crystal Washed Garment

Process Sequence of Crystal Wash:

P.P spray

Garments loading into the machine


Rinsing (Two times)

P.P neutralization




All the above processes have discussed in the below:

01P.P sprayIt is the first process of crystal Wash. According to buyers provided wash reference P.P sprayed in the garments by using required chemical.
02Garments loading into the machineHere, required amount of garments are loaded into the machine.
03De-sizingGarments are de-sized here by using de-sizing chemical such as boide, Anti back stain etc.
04Rinsing (Two times)After completing de-sizing, garments are rinsed here for two times to remove size material from the garments.
05P.P neutralizationP.P has to neutralize here by using required amount of
sodium meta bi-sulphite and acetic acid.
06SofteningIn this section, softening has done by using anionic
07Garments unloading from the machineAfter completing all the above processes, finally garments are unloaded from the machine.
08HydroHere garments are extracted by using hydro extractor.
09DryingGarments are dried here by using gas dryer or steam dryer. Gas dryer is used for reddish shade garments and steam dryer is used for bluish shade garments.

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